XLN Audio Blues MiDi Pak-R2R

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蓝调音乐是关于沉重的情感和深情的凹槽。这些东西几乎不可能用量化的网格和程序化的音符来表达。不,蓝调节奏需要由专 […]



蓝调音乐是关于沉重的情感和深情的凹槽。这些东西几乎不可能用量化的网格和程序化的音符来表达。不,蓝调节奏需要由专业鼓手熟练的双手在出色的声音套件背后赋予生命。这就是我们创建 Blues MIDI Pak 的原因。这个 MIDI Pak 拥有您制作真实、有机的律动所需的一切,并具有出色的随机播放感觉。它涵盖了从 50 年代初的芝加哥和三角洲布鲁斯到现代布鲁斯摇滚的各种风格。
Blues music is all about heavy emotions and soulful grooves. These things are almost impossible to express with quantized grids and programmed notes. No, blues rhythms need to be brought to life by the skilled hands of a professional drummer behind a great sounding kit. That’s why we created our Blues MIDI Pak. This MIDI Pak has everything you need to produce an authentic, organic groove with a great shuffle feel. It covers a variety of styles spanning from the Chicago and delta blues of the early 50’s all the way to modern blues rock.